Getting Started

What is is an open, blockchain enabled accreditation management platform built for the real world. We are disrupting the old-world methods of accreditation, micro-credentialing and badging by providing deep, contextual insight into a learner’s true ability through curricula, syllabi, standards and common pedagogical frameworks. enables both the accredited and the accreditors to grain rich engagement and verification data, providing unique opportunities for up-skilling,course marketing and training exploration.

This website covers the technical integration with the api. If you’re just looking to login to your account you can do so here. If you’re not a developer or you’re not curious as to how the api works then you should probably click here.

How do I integrate with

Please note: the documentation is currently being built and updated to include the latest developments. It is incomplete at this time.

This site details the inner workings of the api and how to effectively consume it to:

Ok I get it, let me at it!

Get the basics from our environment and connection details page to start making requests.

What about updates to the api?

All of our release notes can be found over at api release notes including details on how to subscribe for update alerts.