POST /profile

The Specifics

Update your profile details.

Please note: Once you verify your identity (PUT /profile/verify), you will no longer be able to make changes to your Name.



Send this to us.

Name Type Description Example
isPublic bool Is this profile public or private? true
name string Your name Lucas Moffitt
tag string a <140 character description of who you are. Microsoft Office Training Provider
url string an optional link to yours or your company's website, must be HTTPS
twitter string an optional link to yours or you company's twitter profile
facebook string an optional link to yours or your copmany's facebook profile

Request Example

  "name": "Lucas Moffitt",
  "isPublic": true,
  "url": "",
  "tag": "ex-teacher, hobby dev, global education product solutions.",
  "twitter": "@lucasmoffitt",
  "facebook": ""


Possible Responses

Can sometimes send you this:

Status Code Example
200 Profile Updated

Once the profile has been updated the whole profile object will be returned again. The full result details can be seen on GET /account/profile.

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