PUT /profile/portfolio/{id}/{accreditationId}

The Specifics

This allows you to attach an accreditation you have been issued, to a portfolio you have created.


Send this to us.

Name Type Description Example
id guid The Id of the portoflio you want to add the accreditation too
accreditationId string The Id of the accreditation you have been issued that should be attached to the accreditation

Possible Responses

Can sometimes send you this:

Status Code Example
400 Bad Request

If you don’t provide a valid GUID / UUID for the Id of the portfolio, the api will return a status code of 400

401 Unauthorized

If you aren’t the owner of the portfolio you’re trying to update, or you’re not the recipient of the accreditation, the api will return a status code of 401.

200 Ok

Once the accreditation has been attached to the portfolio, the whole portfolio object will be returned.

  "id": "1baaf6e4-5288-4b62-9bf5-0942d94ddbdb",
  "ownerId": "lucas@accredit.ly"
  "title": "Sample Portfolio",
  "details": "This is just a sample portfolio for the documentation website",
  "insights": {
    "pendingUpdate": true
  "accreditations": [
      "classification": "theoretical",
      "title": Example Accreditation",
      "details": " Just some details of this accreditation",
      "issueReceipt": {
        "issuerId": "lucas@accredit.ly",
        "issueDate": "2018-03-10T23:32:07.5792301Z"
      "state": "issued",
      "ownerId": "lucas@accredit.ly",
      "id": "41382fba-d8a3-429a-8f14-2ee7ae645c93"
  "security": {
    "keys": [
        "id": "1aec901f-2ef7-4e7b-901b-7c686b58bef3",
        "value": "8c9f131b",
        "label": "Default Sharing Url",
        "enabled": true